Lead Safe Vermont

The Lead Hazard Reduction Program at the Vermont Housing & Conservation Board has financial and technical assistance available to reduce lead paint hazards in rental and owner occupied properties.

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Vermont Lead Based Paint Hazard Reduction Program

The Vermont Lead-Based Paint Program provides financial and technical assistance to income-eligible landlords and homeowners to reduce the risk of lead poisoning caused by lead-based paint hazards. Work is completed by certified lead abatement contractors and testing is done to insure properties are safe before residents return.

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Burlington Lead Program

The Burlington Lead Program (BLP) is a housing program within the City of Burlington Community & Economic Development Office (CEDO). Funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), BLP received its first Lead Hazard Control Grant in 2003.

BLP is primarily a childhood lead poisoning prevention program that provides technical and financial assistance regarding lead and lead hazards to residents of Burlington and Winooski. Burlington and Winooski have the 7th oldest housing stock in the country, and over 70% of these housing units may have lead-based paint hazards.

BLP won recognition in 2005 and again in 2009 by the US Conference of Mayors under the DuPont Lead-Safe for Kids Sake awards. In 2005 and 2006, the US Department of Housing & Urban Development featured BLP as an exemplary local program working in close collaboration with its partner agency (VHCB) at the State level.

Currently, BLP has $2,475,000 through October 2014 to reduce lead-based paint hazards in 135 pre-1978 housing units, as well as to provide education and outreach to residents to help keep families safe from lead poisoning. BLP can also provide a Healthy Home Assessment and provide guidance on how this holistic approach can be beneficial to your family’s health.

We offer many free services that are available to any resident of Burlington and Winooski regardless of whether you’re eligible or enrolled in BLP. All of the funding that goes towards any Lead Hazard Reduction project can be 100% FORGIVEABLE. This means FREE!

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