Seminar - COVID Update

Join the Director on February 11, 2021 from 12:00pm-1:00pm to receive COVID related updates.

Included will be the status of the Vermont Eviction Moratorium, new rental assistance program (if updates are available), status of the Rental Housing Stabilization Program (if available), access during COVID.  

You will need to register to receive the access information.  This session is being held on Zoom.  It will be recorded and later posted to the VT Landlord YouTube channel.


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RHSP Survey

Did you receive RHSP money?  The Vermont State Housing Authority is requesting that you complete a survey about the program.  Your responses will help the design and structure of new programs and your feedback is appreciated.

Survey Link.

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Landlord Certificate (LC-142) Guidance

The Vermont Department of Taxes has released guidance for Landlords on how to report any Rental Housing Stablization Program (RHSP) funds received.  Any RHSP money is not to be reported on the LC-142 form at all (not even lin Line 3).

The specific guidance for each form can be viewed below.

Landlord Certificate (LC-142)
Renter's Rebate 

NEW Rental Assistance Money - update 2/3/2021

2/3/2021 Update *********** A new program cannot be developed or started until the Legislature authorizes the funding.  This has not happened.  There is a Bill (S.36) which provides for a $10 million allocation, however this bill has not moved beyond House Appropriations in more than a week.  Program administrator, Vermont State Housing Authority, has requested $50 million (out of $200 million) to get the program launched and up and running to assist both landlords and tenants with rental assistance.  Until the program is funded, no money will be forthcoming.

How can you help?  Please contact your Senator and Representative and ask them to move S.36 forward with a $50 million allocation for the Rental Assistance Program.  You can find your Senators and Representatives contact information by clicking the links.  

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All Representatives

The most recently passed Stimulus Bill from the federal government includes a substantial rental assistance allocation.  Vermont's share will be approximately $200 million.  The details of a new program or an extension of the RHSP program are not known at this time. 

More information about the timing and requirements for this new money will be known in the next few weeks.  Updates will be posted.

Rental Housing Stabilization Program Seminar - 9/16/2020

Explanation of the Rental Housing Stabilization Program from 9/16/2020.  Seminar describes the program, what qualifies, how to apply, what the timeframe is, how to receive an update your application to the program.

Also attached are the presentation slides.

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