Vermont Court Search is a continually updated database of daily court activity in the state of Vermont. The information on the site is based on the daily schedules (the daily dockets) of all superior courts, district courts, and family courts in the state of Vermont. Cases in the Judicial Bureau, which hears municipal and motor vehicle violations, and the Bankruptcy court, have been added beginning in 2012.

Vermont Court Search identifies court cases by the names of the parties involved in the case. Enter a name, and select the court and county. The search result will provide the names of the parties, the attorneys, the court, the sheriff, the case docket number, and the most recent scheduled activity in the case. The phone number for the court and sheriff will also appear.

You will need the docket number of the case if you contact the court for information on the case. The case file can be reviewed at the court.

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Vermont League of City and Towns

Founded in 1967, the Vermont League of Cities and Towns (VLCT) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that serves Vermont's municipal officials. The League provides:

  • Educational workshops and consulting advice for municipal officials so that they can deliver excellent service to their citizens;
  • Information for the public so that it can better understand local government;
  • Support for legislation that strengthens local government;
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage for municipalities; and
  • A Municipal Assistance Center for consultation on a wide range of municipal issues.

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Vermont Municipal Website Listings

It is important for our local leaders, and citizens of our towns and cities, to have help navigating the complex and ever-changing laws regulatory landscape. We offer a number of resources to assist Vermont's communities.

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Burlington Electric Department


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Burlington Lead Program

Lead is a naturally occurring heavy metal. In the environment, lead is plentiful, inexpensive and has useful characteristics that make it attractive for manufacturers to use in many consumer products. Lead is harmful to every living organism.

Adults and children can become lead poisoned, but children experience a greater degree of harm due to their developing bodies and brains. Even very small amounts of lead have been scientifically shown to negatively impact a child’s health and brain development.

Lead poisoning is the #1 environmental health threat facing children in the United States. It is also preventable.

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