Rental Housing Stabilization Program


Program is Available Now - 7/13/2020

Apply through the Vermont State Housing Authority Website


Program Details

A short video about the program: 

In order to apply as the Landlord, you will need to submit the Landlord Certification, a W-9, and a direct deposit authorization to

For fastest processing of applications - submit in one email:
  1. Tenant Application
  2. Landlord Certification
  3. Landlord W-9
  4. Landlord Directo Deposit form and information

Looking for Mortgage Assistance Program?  Visit Vermont Housing Finance Agency.

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RHSP Stipulation and Dismissal Forms

PROGRAM CLOSES DECEMBER 22, 2020 at 4:30pm

If you have a pending Eviction Case, you can participate in a RHSP Program by submitting a Stipulation, W-9, and Direct Deposit Form to the VSHA.  Please contact us to obtain a copy of the Stipulation form. 

If you have a pending Court case and the tenant is not being responsive and you wish to receive 100% of the rent, there is a Motion to Dismiss form that you can submit to the VSHA for full payment, along with the W-9, and Direct Deposit Form.  The Motion to Dismiss also is filed with the court in your court case.  

These two sets of forms are submitted a bit differently than the regular RHSP.  If you are interested in using this process, please email us ( and we will give you submission instructions.

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Court Eviction Status - 12/22/2020

The Legislature passed S.333, which created a temporary stay on all eviction actions in the State of Vermont.  The end of the stay tracks the State of Emergency, and will end 30 days after the end of the State of Emergency.

Currently (as of 12/22/2020) the State of Emergency is through January 15, 2021 which means that the eviction stay will end on February 15, 2021.  If the State of Emergency is extended, the stay will also be extended.

The stay does not prevent you from sending termination notices to your tenants or from filing with the court.  Once a case is filed with the court, it is automatically stayed until the date described above.

If you have questions on sending a termination notice or regarding the eviction status, please call us at 802-985-2764.

Landlord Town Hall - Franklin & Grand Isle Counties (7/21)

Franklin Grand Isle Community Action is hosting an

Online Town Hall for local landlords

On Tuesday July 21st

From 5:30 - 6:00


Landlords can Join us for more information about these programs:

 The Rental Housing Stabilization Fund

Will help pay the rent arrearages that your tenants accrued as a result of the pandemic.

 Rapid Resolution Funds

Will help new tenants made homeless by the pandemic lease your vacant units.

 The Re-Housing Recovery Fund

Will make available grants up to $30,000 to help you bring blighted, vacant, or otherwise

not in compliance units back on the market.


 The meeting will be held on Zoom.

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 916 0653 2534 and Password: 8rerbC

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Re-Housing Recovery Fund


This program is designed to provide financial assistance (up to $30,000 per unit) to landlords to rehabilitate blighted, vacant, or otherwise not in compliance rental units.

Champlain Housing Trust is accepting inquiries for landlords in Chittenden, Grand Isle, and Franklin Counties regarding this program.  You can contact them at or click here for more information.