Free Recycling Bins & Compost Pails for Multi-Unit Housing Sites

If you're a landlord of multi-unit housing in one of CVSWMD's 19 member towns (*see list below), we have free equipment and services (limits apply) to help you manage recycling, food scraps and other solid waste management at your housing sites.

  Assistance may include: 

  • Free Compost pails for tenants
  • Free Recycling bins for tenants
  • Free Compost bins and Green Cones for on-site composting (comes with peripherals and training)
  • Onsite Compost consultation 
  • Signage for recycling, food scrap and trash stations
  • Reimbursement for Food scrap hauling for the first two months for eligible sites 
  • Reimbursement for projects like building compost bins and tote enclosures

 This is a USDA grant-funded program that is available through mid-September only.

 Landlords of qualifying multi-unit properties in CVSWMD member towns can learn more and apply on our website. 

Once you fill out our form, we’ll set up a site visit and get your tenants the equipment and information they need to manage waste better!

 First come, first served, while supplies and funding last.

Vermont League of City and Towns

Founded in 1967, the Vermont League of Cities and Towns (VLCT) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that serves Vermont's municipal officials. The League provides:

  • Educational workshops and consulting advice for municipal officials so that they can deliver excellent service to their citizens;
  • Information for the public so that it can better understand local government;
  • Support for legislation that strengthens local government;
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage for municipalities; and
  • A Municipal Assistance Center for consultation on a wide range of municipal issues.

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Vermont Secretary of State Municipal Division

These pages provide local officials and members of the public with information about Vermont’s municipal governments and the laws that apply to them.

Vermont’s communities could not function without the service and commitment of its public officials. We believe it is important that our local leaders and the citizens of our towns have help navigating the complex and ever-changing laws and rules that apply to them. In support of that, we offer free publications, a monthly newsletter, and regular training programs. Each of these are intended to help local officials and strengthen Vermont’s communities.

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