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A must for any Vermont landlord! The small annual fee to become a membership of the VLA is easily justified given than they provide you with ALL of the documents needed for legal Vermont leases, tenant notices, inspection checklists, etc. They even allow you to post your rental on their website. As long as I'm a Vermont Landlord, I will always remain a member of the Vermont Landlord Association! 
Nicholas Martin
Burlington Telecom
As a landlord I have worked with Vermont Landlord Association in multiple capacities and have always been very happy with their knowledgeable, timely, and professional service. They understand landlord tenant law as well as any attorney's in the state.
Jared Miller, Owner
Yellow Dog Contracting
Angela Zaikowski is at the top of the landlord/tenant field. She's the one other attorneys turn to with landlord/tenant issues.
Johnathan Quong, Owner
New England Electric
As a residential lender, I recommend that all my clients who own or purchase investment properties to work with Angela and her team. The Vermont Landlord Association is an amazing resource and advocate for its members. The group has up-to date forms for members as so much can change with the rules the State places on rental properties.
Jay Vallieres
Movement Mortgage
The Vermont Landlord Association is an incredibly valuable resource in the community, both to landlords and tenants. As a landlord and member of the real estate community I have come to rely on their expertise and education - which they offer tirelessly. On top of that, Angela Zaikowski is an excellent attorney. She is always professional, honest and great to work with.
Christine Golden
Golden Consulting
As a real estate attorney, I have numerous clients who own investment properties throughout Vermont. Whether these clients are long-standing landlords or completely new to the leasing world, my first recommendation to them is to the Vermont Landlord Association. The VLA offers comprehensive guidance on residential leases, applications, the rights and duties of being a landlord, and counsel in the event the worst happens. I have yet to have a client be disappointed with the VLA, and I regard it as a key resource for my clients and my practice.
Richard Fox
Law Office of Richard Fox

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Membership $250.00

payment methods

The Vermont Landlords Association helps you be a smarter landlord.

Membership is $250 per year and offers a wealth of benefits that will save you time and money. Joining is easy! Simply fill out the form and pay online (easiest method) to have your memership activated immediately.

If you prefer to pay by check, you may print and mail the application with a $250 check made out to Vermont Landlord Assocation; it will take 7-10 business days to activate your online membership.

Vermont Landlord Association
P.O. Box 701
Shelburne, Vermont 05482-0701

If you are simply trying to renew an expired membership, please LOGIN HERE instead.

  • Free legal forms (see below)
  • Toll-free telephone hotline
  • Newsletters and archives
  • Online Vermont court search database
  • Online property listings
  • Credit checks on prospective tenants
    *Additional charge for account creation and each credit check
  • Member forum
  • Insurance program
  • Debt collections program
  • Electronic rent payment system
  • Legislative updates during the legislative session
  • Discussion and analysis of local and national issues
  • Copies of recent court decisions and rule changes
  • Seminars and informational meetings
  • Statutes and regulations that impact your rental

  • Rental application
  • Rental inspecton checklist
  • Residential leases
  • Lease addendum for pets
  • Lease addendum for care of smoke and CO detectors
  • Security deposit forms
  • Form notices to tenants
  • Vermont rental housing health code
  • Lead paint forms
  • Fair housing “reasonable accommodation” request forms
  • Fire safety – smoke and carbon monoxide detector requirements