NEFCU Seminar

Explore Income Property - Seminar for those considering becoming landlords.

Learn a variety of aspects associated with owning income property.
Presenters include:

1.  Steve Lipkin, Realtor
2.  Angela Zaikowski, Landlord Attorney
3.  Pete Nolasco, Mortgage Loan Officer

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Questions about Marijuana in Rental Properties?

With the new law going into effect on July 1, 2018, many landlords have questions about what they can and cannot prohibit on their properties. Hint: the law allows landlords to completely prohibit marijuana use, possession, and cultivation on their properties (including medical marijuana) but your lease must say so.  

VAOA has answers for you and we have prepared a lease addendum that you can use.  The lease addendum allows you the choice of what you will allow on your properties.  The form can be found in the Member Center in the Forms Library.

Just a reminder, that marijuana is still considered a federally controlled substance (i.e. it is still illegal under federal law) so please keep this in mind when you are deciding on your policy, particularly if you receive any federal funds or participate in programs such as Section 8.

Please let us know if you have any specific questions.

Lead Paint Restoration Program

Vermont Attorney General's Office starts a new program regarding lead paint. Residential Landlords - if your building was built before 1978 please make sure you are performing your EMPs and filing your Compliance Statements with the Department of Health.

The VT AG's office is offering clean slate for landlords who bring their properties into compliance and file their statements with the Department of Health.

Their next meeting is in Barre on June 19, 2018 at 4:00pm at the Aldrich Public Library.

The Attorney General's Office is also requesting that landlord fill out an anonymous survey  regarding lead paint.

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Testing Well Water in Rental Properties

The Department of Health offers water test kits for landlords who are not on a municipal water system.

You can find more information about drinking water requirements on the Department of Health website.

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Legislative Update

The Legislative/Lobbying Section of the website has been updated with all House and Senate bill introduced so far in the legislative session.

The House Bills are listed together and the Senate Bills are listed together.

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